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Mustang Heritage Foundation: an exclusive interview with the foundation dedicated to protect the Mustangs, the American wild horses

Today I share with you an interview with an American organization dedicated to one of the causes more dear to me: the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

The United States character is defined by the land that this nation belongs to. A public land which, especially in the West, is wide, free and belongs to its citizens as well to the wild horses that lives here.

The Foundation, born in 2001, since its birth, has sponsored the value of the Mustangs, increasing their desirability and interest from the public.

It has also created the Extreme Mustang Makeover. It’s an event that gives the opportunity to the horse holders to coach the mustangs in a period of 100 days, preparing them for an equestrian event. After the event, through an auction, the public may adopt the horses. The Mustang Heritage Foundation writes on its website: “The event was designed to show the trainability and versatility of the living legends.”

I am honored to share with you the words of Matt Manroe, Director of Marketing of the Foundation, which I thanks for this opportunity.

From Extreme Mustang Makeover Fort Worth 2018 Top 10 Finals competition.
Photo: Mustang Heritage Foundation

Question: Thank you for the opportunity to talk with me. Tell us a bit about what the Mustang Heritage Foundation does. What is its goal and why it’s so important – not only for the horses, but for us, for our future as human beings.

Answer: The primary mission of the Mustang Heritage Foundation is to create and promote programs and activities that provide information and education about wild horses, elevate their image and desirability, provide opportunities to become involved in the wild horse experience and secure adequate numbers of caring homes for excess horses. Working in partnership with the Bureau of Land Management, the Mustang Heritage Foundation is passionate about the successful placement of Mustangs into private cares o future generations can enjoy this distinctive feature of our American heritage.

Q: The Mustangs express what is most dear to the American people: the freedom. How we can protect this freedom?

A: Herd management. Mustangs will double in population every 4-5 years if left alone. They have no natural predators. Gathering is one solution to balance the herd populations and the forage and water sources needed for their health and the health of other species.

From Extreme Mustang Makeover Fort Worth 2018 Top 10 Finals competition.
Photo: Mustang Heritage Foundation

Q: The American public land looks so wide but sometimes also incredibly limited for all of us. What we can do to find the right balance and preserve the land for all the species who live in it?

A: Again, land and herd management. Very difficult to do. Rangeland once damaged does not come back quickly or easily, if at all.

Q: Why, according to you, the Mustangs represents a resource for the American people? What made their heritage so important?

A: They helped to tame the west. Help build the America we know and enjoy today.

Q: Looking at these horses we can feel an extraordinary strength in them. A sort of primordial purity. From what this come from and how you would like to describe it?

A: (For this answer I attach the campaign of “America’s Mustang”).

The  Mustang  symbolizes  what  we  hold  dear  as  Americans.  Our  pride.  Our  strength.  Our  ability  not  only to  survive,  but  thrive.  United  yet  independent.  Strong  willed  yet  compassionate.  The  American  Mustangs  as  diverse  as  our  American  culture.

But  even  as  talented  and  unique  as  the  American  Mustangs  are,  they  are  in  need  of  our  interest  and support.  We  need  to  come  together  as  a  nation  to  better  understand  and  support  the  Mustang  today  and for  many  years  to  come.    Let’s  honor  the  Mustang  that  helped  us  settle  and  define  the  country  we  call  America.  Let’s  celebrate  the  horses  that  are  a  part  of  our  heritage.  Let’s  celebrate  the  spirit  and  the  power  of  these  majestic  animals.  Let’s  come  together  to  discover  who  the  American  Mustangs  are–where  they  are  located,  what  they  need  as  a  breed  and  how  we  can  all  help  to  manage,  care  for  and  even  adopt  or  buy  one  for  our  own.

Through  education  we  will  be  able  to  better  understand  the  needs  of  the  Mustang.  Through  interaction  and  personal  contact  we  can  see  and  experience  their  beauty  and  spirit.  Through  competition  we  can  fully  realize  their  talents  and  understand  why  they  played  such  a  critical  role  in  creating  the  America  we  know  today.  It  is  our  responsibility  to  help  maintain,  manage  and  protect  our  national  rangeland.  To  ensure  that  there  is  balance  and  stability  in  the  use  of  our  national  resources  to  support  the  livelihood  of  Mustangs.  To  adopt  and  provide  alternative  homes  that  support  the  efforts  of  the  Bureau  of  Land  Management.  It  is  time  for  America  to  come  together  to  celebrate  this  symbol  of  the  American  spirit  to  help  ensure  that it  will  survive  and  thrive  today  and  for  generations  to  come.

From Extreme Mustang Makeover Fort Worth 2018 Top 10 Finals competition.
Photo: Mustang Heritage Foundation

Q: Why a rancher should decide to adopt one of these horses? As Mustang Heritage Foundation, what support do you give to the buyers?

A: Mustangs can be great work horses. They are strong in their structure. Good for endurance. Easy to keep.

Many times the trainers will continue to work with the Mustangs and their new owners. MHF is happy to answer questions and help connect owners to the help they need.

Q: I have seen you are an owner of two Mustangs. For this reason, how you are personally changed owning these horses, what values you have learned from them?

A: I take great pride in owning two Mustangs. I had the ability to help our country by adopting two yearlings that my daughter competed with and now I care for and ride. I encourage others to do the same. Even if you own other pure breed horses, adopt of purchase a mustang to add to your barn. Do your part if your can.

Q:  A normal person – not a rancher or a landowner – who want to support your cause, besides donations, how can be really active in the program and the promotion of these horses?

A: Tell people they know that might have the ability to adopt/purchase a horse. Attend an event to get more educated. Volunteer at an event.

From Extreme Mustang Makeover Fort Worth 2018 Top 10 Finals competition.
Photo: Mustang Heritage Foundation

Q: Time ago I watched the documentary Unbranded. I loved it so much that then I rewatched it a very much number of time. According to you, this documentary has contributed to open the eyes of the public, raising a new awareness about it?

A: Yes. Very entertaining as well as educational. Presented different points of views about the Mustang situation in America. The four guys who did the trek demonstrated the power and skills of the American Mustang. I have met all four of them. Ben has been a strong advocate and sits on the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board.

Q: How according to you the myth of the West and the wild horses – from movies to literature to even cartoons – has contributed to the cause?

A: In general, American’s hold on to the mystique of the mustangs. Their wildness – their history. They embody to lore of the Wild West and the legend of the American cowboy.

Q: One last question: if you could describe the mustangs with one sentence, which one would be?

A: Mustangs embody the diversity and the spirit of the American West.

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