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Independence Day: here how it is celebrated by locals – Part 1

This is the first article of a series dedicated to the celebrations during the 4th of July, the Independence Day.

In this column we’ll tell you how the locals celebrate this typical American holiday, through their voice and words. Ready? Make yourself comfortable, with a cold beer, chips and hot dog. Good reading, and let’s party!

The first person we interviewed is Cindy Stroud Reddick, originally from Texas but currently resident in the beautiful and shining Virginia.

Question: What is your (or one of the) best memory of the Independence Day?

Answer: My best memories of Independence Day is going to the carnivals and fairs in our small Texas town. I loved all the rides, the showing of animals, feeding corn and oats to the deer, and always the yummy food. I typically ate a corn dog, a funnel cake, and cotton candy with a grape soda throughout the day. Then at night we would setup our blankets on the grass to watch the fireworks.

Q: As American, what made great the 4th of July according to you?

A: It’s great to be an independent country, living freely and making our own rules. Independence Day has made America stronger and a role model for other countries.

Q: Generally, how is celebrated this holiday? In Italy we know that there are the fireworks, maybe some grill. You have more to tell?

A: A lot of people grill at their home witch typically includes alcohol, hot dogs, ribs, hamburgers, etc. A lot of times it includes pool parties with games, and watching baseball. And always ending the day watching fireworks. 

During Independence Day we are all patriotic. And we mean ALL of us.

Q: If you could spend the best 4th, how it would be?

A: The best 4th would be having fun and eating yummy foods with family and friends. We typically take our boat out for the day which is always a blast.

Q: According to you, why America is the greatest country in the world? Do your tribute to the Independence Day.

A: America is the greatest country in the world because she opens her arms to anyone that wants to make this country their home. It’s the greatest because so many have fought hard and given their lives so that we can have freedom and opportunity. It’s the greatest because we care about others. It’s the greatest because it is built on integrity, and good morales. It’s great because the people are allowed freedom to be who they truly are and acceptance of others. We are going through a rough patch right now, but America will get her act together and be a shining beacon for the rest of the world to look up too very soon!

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