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The Family Pantry of Cape Cod: an exclusive interview with the foundation supporting the less fortunate

Today I travel with you down to Cape Cod, in the south peninsula of Massachusetts. Land of natural reservations, oceanic views and pretty villages, but also many more…

In this area, in fact, during the last decades was born many non-profits, dedicated to many different causes. Today I am proud to introduce you to The Family Pantry of Cape Cod, which goal is something of truly admirable and the true example of the words “serving the community.”

Family Pantry is family – we could say.

The goal of the organization is to help the less fortunates and in economic difficulties through food (principally) but also clothing and more.

I thank very warmly the Executive Director Christine H. Menard for have spoken with me and for her kind availability to share the story of the foundation with me.

Question: Tell us what the organization do and what is its goals.

Answer: [For this answer I use the words of the brochure that Christine Menard kindly gave to me].

The Family Pantry Of Cape Cod‘s mission is to provide food and clothing to those in need without any restrictions, geographic or other.

“We welcome people of every age, race, color, national origin, religion, residence, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, veteran, or any other status.”

Q: Your primary program is dedicated to the food. How people can apply to it, and then how do you help them materially?

A: The people who need the pantry can come by anytime we are open and register to become a client. Once they are registered, they can shop for food and clothing every 14 days. To register they must provide a photo id and proof of where they live. They must also tell us they are below the federal poverty level.

Q: How many requests of help do you receive and what are the number of the people you help?

A: [For this answer I use the informations in their annual report, kindly gave it to me].

In 2018, in all Cape Cod, more than 91,000 food bags were provided. 29,299 in Barnstable alone. The total value of the food distributed is 3,9 million of dollars. Are been provided 1,9 millions of meals. The volunteers are been 650.

But also many more: the foundation provide clothing and household items. Is provided assistance to the prevention of homeless. Are also provided turkeys for the Thanksgiving dinner and toys for the holidays.

The wonderful staff of the Family Pantry.

Q: I always thought that this is a wonderful way also to connect people each others daily, doing something together for the less fortunate. Do you think so?

A: Absolutely, there is always a need and we are happy to help.

Q: During your time at The Family Pantry there is been something that touched you most or particularly?

A: We have really worked to upgrade the types of food we provide including lots of fruits and vegetables. We are happy to be able to provide the healthiest possible foods for our clients.  

Q: Why, according to you, is so much important what you do?

A: Somebody has to help those who get into a bind. It is our job as human beings to take care of those less fortunate. Many times all they need is a little help to get back on their feet and then they are fine.

Everything is ready, even for Thanksgiving Day.

Q: If you could describe your work and your experience at the organization in one sentence, which one would be?

A: It is the best job I have ever had, I absolutely love what I do.

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