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Why I love Wyoming? The words of Tiziano Brignoli about the Cowboy State

Why I love Wyoming?

I love Wyoming for its land. Free, sweaty, tired, corroded by life and time but bold enough to remain authentic and primordial.

I love Wyoming because it’s wild and desolate.

I love Wyoming because here the West is far more than a word or a mood but a way of life. It’s something you can breathe, touch, feel on your skin. You can see it and be part of it. You can live it-and you have to live it.

Snake River, Yellowstone National Park.

I love Wyoming for the honesty of its people, and for the honesty of its land. Honest as human’s work; true as the flow of time; authentic as the secular breath of wind.

I love Wyoming for its diversity. Its rugged and antique charm is delicately accompanied by development and innovation.

I love Wyoming for its crying, its grief, its fury and its violence. Meteorological and of its land.

A rural landscape of Wyoming.

I love Wyoming for its wild horses and their right to roam free in the land that gives them home, which they belong to and no one should ever take away.

I love Wyoming for its history. No American place tells so well the essence of the old frontier, of the sacrifice of the most humble work, of the secular groan of the Indian lands and of the political, human and social history that defines this place.

I love Wyoming for its loneliness, and for its people’s ability to understand and appreciate it.

I love Wyoming because it’s the place that we all need, sooner or later, to remind to ourselves the why of our very existence on this planet.

I love Wyoming because opens its arms to the world, but don’t allow to the world to defines its character.

The majesty of Grand Teton National Park.

I love Wyoming for the majesty of its landscapes.

I love Wyoming because it’s the heart of America but despite it, it keeps itself humble, modest and independent.

I love Wyoming because, as I always love to say, it’s a land that give you freedom.

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2 commenti

  • Mary Hone

    Wyoming is wild, and beautiful. We spend the summers in the Jackson Hole area and it’s always like going home. As a photographer, it’s perfect. The landscape and the animals that live there provide an endless array of beauty to photograph. The diversity of the state, the vastness, and the “feel” of it all make it my favorite place.

    • tiziano brignoli

      This is a great #ThatsWY. Also the rugged charm of the place. As you said, so wild and true. Here nature nature and animals are the commander in chief, not the man.

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