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Stories of Wyoming: the big boots of Cheyenne

In the popular mind, Wyoming is just a land of cowboys, ranch and prairies. There is a strong wild idea of this place (rightly). But the truth is that Wyoming is much more. Today it’s technologically advanced (even more than other popular states), and it’s not just home to cowboys and ranchers, but also to many different artists, who seems to find inspiration in this beautiful and rugged place.

Today I want to talk about Cheyenne, the capitol of the Cowboy State, the city of the great plains’ region, where exists 18 artistic installations that today are parts of the legend of Cheyenne, and that helped to define the history of this important frontier town.

What I am talking about? Of 18 great, big boots, situated in different locations around the city, painted by different local artists. Their goal is been to share different stories, from the soul of the city to the wild and pioneering character of Wyoming.

A must-see during a walk in the charming downtown of the city.

The Boots of Cheyenne, where legend lives

The official slogan of the project is “These boots are made for talking.” From the origins of the cowboy culture to the foundation of Cheyenne, up to the wild animals that lives just outside the town. Pick your favorite boot (and story)!

Born thanks to a sharing project between Cheyenne Depot Museum Foundation and Downtown Development Authority, they were sponsored by local traders and auctioned at a fund-raiser, which then raised almost 100,000 dollars, then given to the foundation.

Photo: Visit Cheyenne

If boots could talk, what story would they tell?” was the question around the project.

And so were born Governors of Wyoming (one of the most populars) or Blue Skies Over Cheyenne or again Memories of the Old West.

In every one of these boots are been used colors and shades perfect to express what they had to tell.

Photo: Visit Cheyenne

Basically these boots define Cheyenne’s character. A sort of badge of the city, recognised by local residents as well as tourists, who often stop here to take photos with these big boots on the background, with also the wonderful architecture of the city.

As Jill Pope, director of operations for the tourism office Visit Cheyenne, said “Public art is important because it’s not just for the community’s enjoyment, but there is also a deeper meaning to it. It really brings out the idea of the ‘Live the Legend.'”

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